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Oh Lawd, these Cajuns sure know how to throw a party!

Oh Lawd, these Cajuns sure know how to throw a party!


We met up with them there Cajuns riverside, at the Bywater in Asheville, NC, USA, a unique private club with a magnificent view of the French Broad River. The crawfish were ALIVE and ready for boiling—in a pot made from an old beer keg! John Frederic, who delivered the fresh crawfish, had us all laughing as he shared humorous tales of life in the bayou. Steamy nights, cold beer, crawfish and silly Cajuns playing tricks on each other go hand in hand. Apparently you can do a lot more with crawfish then just eat um! With his rich accent our focused attention was required.

Let me have a go at recounting the process involved in a crawfish boil.

“Tak ya pirogue down de bayou a ways an catch yosef bout tirty pounds o dem crawfish.  Den tak dem crawfish an tro dem in yo pot. Den add a box of rock salt. Let dem soak for bout a bit. While dem crawfish is purgin, start yur boil pot on de cook fire. Tro in de spice, de whole onion, de corn an’ de new potatoes an’ let dem boil. Den tro in de crawfish wid two box rock salt, tree or two cut lemon, mo spice an de cayenne pepper. Let all dat boil up real good. Put dat ole newspaper on de table and warm de bread. When de crawfish is done, pour out da water. Den dump out de crawfish on de table an set out de bread. Den set down fo a Cajun feest!”

Cajun-John-Frederic As delicious as those crawfish were, we still made room in our bellies for the shrimp jambalaya, red beans and rice, and stewed peas. It was a good ol’ downhome experience we will never forget! Life in the Deep South doesn’t get much better!

Sending out a big THANKS to Teau and the gang at Teaufood Culinary Busking for providing this fantastic experience!

Teaufood Culinary Busking is simply food talent for tips. They do Teau & Susannot charge for their service; they just want to feed you!

Crawfish Boil: To see exactly how it is done Cajun style.

We found a fantastic Jambalaya Recipe and “Crawfish Boil” music video for your next Cajun night!

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Crawfish fun Teaufood style. Click on image for details.


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