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The Truth Beneath a Picturesque Thai Fishing Village

Salak Khok Fishing Village, Koh Chang, Thailand

A couple of flights from Darwin to Bangkok, Thailand, via a stopover in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, followed by a five-hour drive and a half-hour ferry trip bought us to our destination, the island of Koh Chang. While there we took the opportunity to explore a local fishing village.


Up the narrow river, from Salak Khok Bay, Koh Chang, Thailand, nestled in mangrove forest lays a picturesque fishing village. This fishing village has existed for over a hundred years and has grown to not much more than its original state. Despite the world progressing around it, it would seem time has stood still. On closer inspection however, effects of the modern world can be seen. The open plan living accommodations hold contemporary trappings; the occasional television, clocks, hangers with western style clothing and miscellaneous things made of plastic. Unfortunately this plastic can be seen as rubbish scattered throughout the village.

Boats Rides for Tourists.

Boats Rides for Tourists.

The dilapidated state of this proud fishing village becomes incidental in comparison with the spirit of its occupants.

Ever resourceful, the village increases its income by facilitating kayak rental and wooden river boat trips for tourists. They are hard workers by necessity, yet not seeming to comprehend the shocking visual and aromatic effects on their visitors.

DSCF4875(We think this is the communal bathroom in the falling shed, you can just make out the long drop toilet.)

Never complaining, always grateful for what they have, the Thai people of Salak Khok fishing village lend a new light to our now seemingly trivial third world problems. Essentials that have become virtually negligible in our life back home are nonexistent here, the inhabitant’s resilience enveloping us in gratitude and compassion.

Teeny-FishThe fish are small due to overfishing according to our Thai friend Mao, but the people never complain about their life.

Spending hours picking tiny shells out of their nets, “The best thing about this life is you sleep well at night,” Mao assures us.

(Teeny fish…..soup maybe?)

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