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The next ‘Big Trip’…

On the Road Again… I can’t wait to get on the road again…

Next 'Big Trip' - Postcard from L&L

Next ‘Big Trip’ – Postcard from L&L

“Hmmm,” I said with an excited smile, “where should we go next, Lynne?”

“It doesn’t worry me,” Lynne responded with the heart of a gypsy!

Our flights are booked! We leave the USA in less than a week for Sydney, Australia!

  • 3 flights, total distance: 9706 Miles/ 15,620Kms.
  • 31+ hours of flights and waiting in airport lounges.

As we set out on a new adventure our path appears obscure; filled with unknown possibilities. We are looking ahead with joyful, focused intent and butterflies in our bellies! Similar to a car driving at night, headlights shine revealing all that is needed to continue moving forward, we trust we will soon discover our next logical step. Excitement and wonder exists in both the logical and the illogical, our next step will be one of the two, so, fasten your seatbelts and come along for the ride!

Travel On!

Join us as we travel into the unknown.

¸.•♥ In-ƤЄƛƇЄ ~ ԼƠƔЄ ~ ԼIƓHƮ & ԼƛUgHƮЄr ☮ ♥ ★ ツ *。.☆

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