Life is extra good when you’re on a cruise ship!

The Global Wanderers returned to the United States of America, where they quickly jumped at the opportunity to join a cruise and ventured into the Caribbean.

Spontaneous Travel and Last Minute deals go hand in hand!

Travel On!Western Caribbean
Episode One:

Life is extra good when you’re on a cruise ship!
On September 6, 2014 off we sailed, heading from Fort Lauderdale, Florida to the Western Caribbean with Princess Cruises (our favorite).

Life on Board
$400-WinAlways plenty to keep you running around, like a headless chook, on board a cruise ship.We spent mornings by the pool, afternoons exploring and participating in activities and the evenings, fine dining and watching the nightly entertainment. Our bellies would have grown more if it were not for the laughs we had watching karaoke and the spotlighted comedians. Impossible for us to resist, we played BINGO twice ~ WINNING $400!!! Not a bad sport with our luck ~ Woot!!

Grand Cayman
Previously a haven for pirates, deserters and shipwrecked sailors, in approximately 1730 the British officially “founded” the Caymans. Now a British colony, Grand Cayman has become the world’s largest offshore financial hub. If we had won a bit more at BINGO we would have stashed it away here so we could enjoy the pristine waters, complete with exotic marine creatures while visiting our tax sheltered money!

When Stingrays Attack!--

When Stingrays Attack!–

I must admit I was scared as hell swimming with the stingrays (see pic left…lol) while having flashbacks of ‘Crocodile Hunter’ Steve Irwin being tragically killed by the barb of a stingray in Australia. I did however, enjoy eating fresh raw conk cut from the shell by our ship’s captain, Jake!



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This tropical island in Honduras boasts some of the best diving and snorkeling in the world and rightly so! We ventured to the opposite side of the island from where our ship had docked and found a more private experience. After and amazing snorkel with an abundance of colorful schools of fish on show, we settled in at a beachfront shack for some local beer and conk fritters! ~ YUM-O!

Settled by the Maya during the first millennium AD, Cozumel remained untouched by the European world until the arrival of Cortes in 1519. After which disease and slaughter nearly Big House Templedestroyed the entire population. Today many ancient Mayan sites have been restored and the population has stabilized. We put on our archeological hats, rented a car and ventured out to explore the San Gervasio ruins. In this dense, humid, tropical forest we sweated our way along ancient roads made from rocks which displayed fossilized sea life. We trekked for nearly three hours, discovering hidden temple sites that had once been colorfully decorated and reverently cared for by the Maya. Almost deserted on the day of our visit, we could feel the mystery and wonder embedded in the stones left behind by ancient ritual.

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Princess Cay

Princesses at Princess Cay

Princesses at Princess Cay

Nice day for it: nothing to do today but relax and enjoy the private beach owned by Princess Cruises. Clever buggers—double dipping! They went and bought a piece of the island*, more profits going straight back into their pockets, but then again we did have all the free food and access to our drink package like we did on the boat. It was a day of the simple pleasures of feeling the white sand between our toes and swimming in the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean. Not a bad way to end the first half of our cruise!

* Learn more about the island of Eleuthera when we return for another visit to Princess Cay in Episode Two of our cruising adventure in the Eastern Caribbean.

Where to Next?

Where to Next?

Where to Next?

Global Wanderers Motto 'Have Fun'!

Global Wanderers Motto ‘Have Fun’!


Travel On! Join us as we travel into the unknown.

¸.•♥ In-ƤЄƛƇЄ ~ ԼƠƔЄ ~ ԼIƓHƮ & ԼƛUgHƮЄr ☮ ♥ ★ ツ *。.☆

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